The OrganicSwiss Bud is a label with very high requirements in terms of the environment, soil, water, biodiversity, climate, animal welfare and social aspects. The guidelines go well beyond legal standards. For example, synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers are totally banned and the company must take 12 measures to promote biodiversity.​

Gold Label

Developed by several Swiss beekeeping companies, the "Gold Label" is a label that aims to certify Swiss honeys by guaranteeing an exploitation based on quality and traceability. The beekeeper undertakes to attend training sessions each year.

Honeys from the Vaud region

The "Honeys from the Vaud region" label guarantees a quality honey based on traceability and produced in a natural and hygienic way on Vaud soil. It is forbidden, for example, to add food sugars, to heat it or to mix it with other honeys from third party beekeepers. The health of bees is also an essential criterion of the label.​

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